Travel Advisory is issued when the high office decides, based on all relevant information, to recommend that travelers avoid travel to a certain country or a planet. Countries or planets where avoidance of travel is recommended will have Travel Advisory.
By these announcements we mean to disseminate information about various threats and other relatively short-term, trans-national and/or trans-planetary conditions posing significant risks to the security of genuine travelers/travel vehicles. They are made any time there is a perceived threat and usually have travelers as a particular target group. In the past, Public Announcements have been issued to deal with short-term coups, bomb threats to airlines, violence by humans and anniversary dates of specific terrorist events, meteor showers, satellite rings, and other situations….

CURRENT TRAVEL ADVISORY dated 300 macreder 24003*

This is for all global travelers - you are required to adhere to the following travel restrictions as we see imminent danger in current travel circuits.
The North & South seas and the wind pressure may require the Trans-global flights to fly at an altitude of 28800 ft. This altitude being just below the highest point (Mt. Everest 29,035 ft - the altitude being disputed over past few years) on the globe - all flights are hence forth restricted in the area and circumvent around Asia.
Due kangaroos jumping over the roads resulting in high velocity winds in the deserts of Australia no flights are to land in the continent either. Same goes for Mongolia/China & the deserts of Middle East - too windy around the latter, anyway. It seems the old time fuel - petroleum is still a must-have-control-over-it-commodity and the solar power is not being tapped, the travel in this area would consume more visa checks than necessary hence avoid the area completely. Lately some UFO's been sighted here as well for which no information is readily available as yet. There is still no confirm news whether it was South Africa or South America from where started the advent of Blue Fever - better avoid both the continents.
High speed human driven vehicles may blur your vision hence the American continent is out of bounds (visa restrictions are only a ploy to avoid tourists trying to get close to high speed UFOs - which if not enforced could result in high rate of accidents or/if they survive- then unwanted tourists/ migrants! As if there were not enough….). Why do some of these places have an open door policy and then only allow a small window to remain partially open or mostly closed?
Japan & China are too quick with their above-the-earth-trains - tourists are strictly advised to stay away from such gizmos and the big bodied sumo wrestlers - forcing travelers onto these trains. It is either very cold, windy, rainy or flooding in the Europa, and too may languages trying to say Euro in different slangs which may make one weary & confusing hence Europe is best avoided.
Other smaller and lesser known corners of the planet too have similar -totally unrelated hazardous travel situations, hence all Plutonians are required to avoid this planet in total.
We are in the lookout for a more closer, colder, icy planet with no history, no monuments, no culture and strictly no beaches etc. Till such a planet is discovered, you are required to stay indoors in the safe confines of nuclear safe walls and quake safe windows.

* Current date on Pluto (valid for next 39 months)

Disclaimer: Although the information in this circular is provided for general fun information, we are not the leading official warning agency at Pluto on any such threats. Presently the monarchial-anarchy at Pluto does not allow multi setup of the various departments to work in unity and none can make any warranty regarding the information.
We remain at your service - travel industry professionals  on inter-galactic 90 years space mission in search of new destinations.... happy surfing and hope to meet you on a space voyage in some next life time….)
While you are in the wait - do enjoy our special edition of prospective future traveling to the earth. The results of the new discovery would soon be known on your own website : Do return soon and check out the new travel site. Or register at  and we will keep you updated with the new discoveries.
ps : Of course the above is only meant for out-of-earth-travelers and we earthlings need not worry about it. Be cautious and contribute to the earth's most fantastic passion - travel. Travel does open one's mind and help understand other's culture …. travel freely, meet like-minded people and make global friends. Go on and do check out You may have a comment or two about Pluto to add…

Happy surfing…. cause TRAVEL NEVER STOPS


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